Impressive and spacious new Cross 75 BR

The Cross range gets an impressive and spacious new flagship for the 2021 season: the Cross 75 BR. The durable aluminium hull and GRP deck with its modern design offer comfortable, stylish and safe boating for up to nine people.
Cross 75 Bow Rider

In traditional Cross fashion, the new flagship model combines the practicality of an aluminium hull with the stylish appeal of a GRP deck. The deck structure features new styling, while the design of the boat’s open space highlights safety and practicality.

Sheltered and comfortable open space for nine

Yamarin Cross 75 BR suojaisa avotila

The large open space invites boaters to enjoy sunny and exciting summer days on the water. The high wraparound windshield provides excellent protection from the wind for both the helmsman and passengers in the back. The open space at the back of the boat features a large U-shaped sofa, and a table and sundeck are optional. Similarly, there is ample space at the bow, which can also be specified with an optional sundeck. 

“The open space in the Cross 75 BR is generously dimensioned, and there is also plenty of space on the swimming platforms and canopy stowage cover, making it easy to both board the boat and enjoy water sports. The thoughtfully designed boarding areas are also uncluttered and safe,” says Johan Finnberg, Marketing Manager at Cross.
The canopy stowage cover is integrated neatly into the rear deck, and the large swimming platforms are safe and easy to use. The swimming platforms are also perfect for water sports, and a water-skiing bracket is available as an optional accessory.
A step at the rear makes boarding the boat safe. The boat features a walk-through layout with a step also at the bow. An optional folding bow ladder further facilitates boarding from the shore

New Q wide infotainment display

Cross 75 BR:n Q wide infotainment näyttö

Directly in front of the helmsman is a new Q wide infotainment display with two views that can be individually customised. For example, the helmsman can select to view electronic charts on one screen and instrument displays for the motor on the other. 

The Q wide system features a digital switch panel as standard for controlling the lights, for example, as well as switches for the optional heaters and refrigerator.  

Cross Q is a new infotainment system that was introduced as standard equipment on 2020 Cross models. It features a large and easy-to-use touchscreen that brings together electronic charts, an onboard computer and an infotainment system, all part of the boat’s standard equipment.

Cross Q includes an Internet connection, Navionics electronic charts, Yamaha Engine Interface, local weather information and a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be used to share the Cross Q’s Internet connection with other devices. 

Conveniently equipped

Cross 75 BR on kattavasti varusteltu

Standard equipment on the Cross 75 BR includes the Cross Q wide infotainment display, stereos, trim tabs with an LED display and joystick control, and windshield wipers (port and starboard).

The Cross 75 BR model is available with the new Softdeck floor surface, which is stylish, safely non-slip even when wet, easy to maintain and pleasant for bare feet. Alternatively, an aluminium floor can be specified. Optional accessories include a sundeck in the front and rear open space, a premium audio system, a bow propeller, an anchor winch, a refrigerator and a remote control for the bow propeller and anchor winch.
The Cross 75 BR also has ample stowage space under the bow seat, in the navigator’s console and especially under the port-side seat in the rear open space. The large fixed 300-litre fuel tank in turn offers excellent range.

Sufficient power and excellent performance

Cross 75 BR:ssa on huippuluokan ajo-ominaisuudet

As with all Cross models, the performance of the speedy new Cross 75 BR is excellent. Handling is predictable even in rough weather, making the Cross 75 BR ideal for use in the demanding conditions of outer archipelagos. The recommended power range is 225–300 hp, and the maximum speed with a 300-hp Yamaha is approximately 48 knots. 

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